Our Athletes

Joining Team Amazing Day has changed my training and life for the better. Katie has taught me so much about training, racing and everything that goes along with this crazy life. She has shown me the type of athlete I can be and that I am stronger than I think. Whether I’m training for a 5K or Ironman, dealing with an injury or life stress, Katie has been there to help me along the way. TAD is a very supportive – and at times goofy – team that motivates and inspires each other. I’m so happy to be part of Team Amazing Day!” – Lauren K.

I started working with Katie at a time when I was over-trained, injured, and therefore not enjoying the process of training at all. Without any judgement she said, let me help you. And with that, I handed over the reins completely and haven’t looked back. Katie’s style is the perfect balance of challenge and support. She takes the time to get to know each athlete individually and does a remarkable job of scheduling training around life, adjusting workouts as necessary based on work, stress or other complications, all without compromising your goals. More than anything, Katie looks at the whole athlete, teaching healthy habits with respect to training, nutrition, sleep and general mental balance. She also both emphasizes and models unwavering support of teammates above all, bringing out the best in all of her athletes and building a community that stays connected even though everyone is geographically separated. My running, and my overall happiness, have both skyrocketed, and I feel lucky to be a part of Team Amazing Day!” – Amy S.

Joining Team Amazing Day and being coached by Katie has been more valuable than any piece of equipment or training toy I’ve ever bought. In my first year with her she took me from wondering if this sport was for me to a 30 minute Half Ironman personal best, and a proud finish in my first Ironman. My health, fitness, and mental space are the best they’ve ever been, and I have an amazing family of fellow athletes to share it all with!” – Jason B.

I love running. Coach Katie has made me faster, wiser, and stronger with cross-training. By swimming and biking on my non-run days, I can train everyday without fear of injury. Plus, I never get bored! Katie coaches with a brilliant mix of positive motivation, tough love, and wit. Having a coach that tells you exactly what she thinks is very important. You don’t need things sugarcoated when you are looking to make an enormous life change. I have already learned so much about what I need to be healthy because of Coach Katie.” – Brynn M.

I started working with Katie because I had hit a wall with the marathon. I was committed to training, but I wasn’t running the race I knew I was capable of and I wasn’t sure why. In the two years I’ve worked with Katie, I have run my four fastest marathons, taken a total of 15 minutes off of my PR and qualified for Boston for the first time! I am a stronger and more confident runner now. In addition, I’ve gained an incredible community in Team Amazing Day. This is a group of athletes who support and encourage you and celebrate your achievements as much as their own.” – Allison R.

I came to Katie as an athlete that had been competitively running for over twenty years.  I was very skeptical about heart rate training & afraid to hand over the reins to someone else.  But after only a few months, I was running faster than ever, breaking PRs that I had set in high school.  I cracked 18 minutes for the 5K & 39 minutes for the 10K in the first three months we worked together.  I’m so grateful to have a great coach.  Katie is really there for me, talking, listening, and able to help me through rough patches both in training and in life.” – Paul A.

With Team Amazing Day, I have seen a tremendous change in my training – my workouts have focus, my nutrition has been overhauled, and I am enjoying endurance training again.  With Katie you get a coach who is in your corner every step of the way as you progress towards meeting your goals, and with Team Amazing Day you get a great group of athletes to share, learn and grow with: personalized training with an awesome support network.  It’s the best of all worlds.  Thanks Katie!” – Russ K.

When I first approached Katie, I was overtrained and chronically injured. I had signed up for an ironman, and had no idea how I would get to the starting line in one piece. Not only did Katie get me through my first Ironman injury-free, but also my second ironman (PR!), and 2 marathons thrown in there as well! In the 2 1/2 years I have been working with Katie, I have learned how to train hard, and recover harder. I have learned the importance of nutrition, as well as achieving a solid work/life/training balance. When you work with Katie, you don’t get just a coach. You get someone who guides you through the ups and downs of both training and life. The bonus is being part of a big family who is there to walk alongside you every day. I’m so grateful to be part of Team Amazing Day!” – Meaghan W.

After just a short time with Katie, I started busting out PRs.  She’s super hands-on and gives me the motivation and support I need.  I cannot say enough good things about coach Katie.  She pushes me to be the athlete that I never thought I could be.” – Kaitlyn H.

I’ve seen marked improvement in my fitness and conditioning, body, and overall health throughout the five months I’ve worked with Katie.  I set a new PR at the half marathon distance, only this time it was after swimming 1.2 miles and biking 56.  Weeks later, I returned to the same course and finished it nearly eight minutes faster.  Katie has taken someone who thought they had the drive to do it alone, who never dreamt of needing a coach, and made them a believer.”  -Jeff C.

“Katie is patient, positive, and genuinely cares about you as both an athlete and a person. Attentive and responsive; she makes me feel positive about meeting my goals and fulfilling my potential.” -Pam C.

“Katie is dedicated to her athletes like no other coach I have seen. She takes the whole person into consideration – not just your finish line goals. She turns you into a well-rounded athlete and ensures that you are operating at your best!” -Katie A.

Katie took me from being a wanna-be athlete that could barely complete a 5K and turned me into a triathlete competing in multiple distances in less than a year. She will be your biggest cheerleader, teach you to be proud of all your accomplishments and embrace all the joy this lifestyle will bring you. -Becca W.

Katie was able to take this non-runner and make her into an overall athlete. She was skilled enough to push aside my own self-doubt and fear and make me realize I am able to do anything I set my mind to. -Megan H.

Katie’s seemingly boundless wealth of knowledge about training and nutrition and her ability to convey that information in useful pieces to her group of athletes, makes her a unique and invaluable coach. She teaches, inspires, and supports. And she commands results. -Bryn N.