On Training Camp

Over Memorial Day weekend in Boulder, CO, team amazing day hosted a triathlon-focused training camp.  The focus of the weekend was planned to be two strong days on the bike with plenty of running and swimming, a long run day, and then wrapping up camp with the Bolder Boulder 10K.  The weather had other things in mind…

Thursday evening the group met for a quick shake-out run, a round of introductions, some swag and dinner together.


On Friday, campers awoke to 40º weather and pouring rain, so instead of riding long, campers spent the morning in the pool, working on technique, form drills, swim gear and toys, a bit of partner pulling and then a long relay to wrap up the session.  After lunch together, the group did a progressive movement session at RallySport Boulder with Coach Katie, a short run and then a second flop swim to close out the day.


On Saturday morning, the weather cooperated long enough for everyone to climb all the way up Left Hand Canyon to Ward, CO, one of the classic training rides in Boulder…


…but not long enough for everyone to descend back down.


Thanks to Coach Heather and Wes from ProBikeExpress for driving everyone safely back down in the SAG wagons once a surprise blizzard & hailstorm hit at the top.  The afternoon training session was relocated to Oskar Blues Liquids & Solids in Longmont, followed by a relaxed Q&A on nutrition and training with Coach Katie and Coach Heather.

On Sunday morning, campers woke to a typical CO bluebird day.  The group rode out and up to Carter Lake, another classic local ride, and finished off the day with a longer run off the bike.  Monday morning everyone enjoyed a trip around Boulder in the 10K.


For more pictures of training camp weekend, check out our recap video .

Why attend training camp?  

Training camp can be a small but significant bump to the fitness level of any athlete.  It allows an opportunity to train for a short period of time without the distractions or stressors that exist in life on a regular basis.  All of the athletes attending camp knew well in advance the schedule of the weekend, and the coaches made sure to prepare the athletes appropriately for the work that would be done.

In-person time with a coach is an invaluable experience, no matter the level of athlete.  For the coaches, being able to watch the athlete move in real time gives a huge opportunity to improve the relationship, to better understand the strengths and limitations of the athlete, and to better plan and coach the athlete in the future.

Attending training camp, for many athletes, is a step outside of the comfort zone.  Many athletes train alone, and being put into a group environment of mixed abilities can be a positive and confidence-boosting experience no matter the level of runner.  Some athletes this weekend were pushed outside of their comfort zones by the group experience, and left camp with a boost of confidence in themselves and their potential.  Other athletes were able to recognize their strengths in the group environment, and that has turned into positive training motivation now that they have returned home.

Huge thanks to OSMO Nutrition, Justin’s Nut Butter, Normatec MVP, ProBikeExpress, and LoveGrown Foods, Bobo’s Bars & RallySport Boulder for supporting our training weekend!