Race Results: May 2015

MAY 2-3

Katherine E raced the Wildflower Olympic in 4:30.

Emma G raced a local 5K in 29:51.

Sarah S raced the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in 1:59 (PR).

Brooke R raced the Miles That Matter 10K in 59:50.


MAY 9-10

Flori M ran a local 5K with her daughter.

Chris M raced the Gulf Coast 70.3 in 6:54 (PR).


Coach Heather C raced the Eugene Marathon in 3:34 (BQ & PR).

Allison R raced the Eugene Marathon in 3:43 (PR).


MAY 16-17

Kayla K raced the Brooklyn Half Marathon in 2:29.

Philip M raced the Summer Open Sprint Triathlon in 1:17.


Emma G raced a 6.4 mile relay leg of the Colfax Marathon in 59:54.

Bryn F raced the Gran Fondo in NY in 6:39.

Shannon D raced the Erie Half Marathon in 2:13.

Coach Jenni raced the Erie Half Marathon in 1:30 (1st OA).

Kristine M raced the Lake Raystown Olympic Triathlon (3rd AG).

MAY 23-24



Coach Jenni 49:03

Veronica B 55:18

Jeff C 58:42

Jen B 58:43

Meghan W 58:43

Coach Katie 58:56

Philip M 58:56

Allison E 59:36

Emma G 1:01

Hope H 1:01

Shannon D 1:02

Jeremy S 1:07

Karin O 1:07

Flori M 1:30 (PR)

Roselyn S 1:38

Kristine M raced the Ogden Half Marathon in 2:27.

MAY 30-31

Hope H raced the Colorado Sprint Triathlon in 1:37:20.

Allison raced the mile at the PVTC Track Meet in 6:39.